About Us

Dacke at Gästis

Dacke Hajo took over the Inn in Torsåker in 2013. Gästis, as it is popularly called, is an old-fashioned inn that holds a large portion of charm and must be experienced in person.

The first time Dacke stepped through the rustic door to Torsåker’s Inn, he fell in love;  in love with an old inn in which he immediately saw possibilities. ”I saw its charm and could see a cozy place with good food”, says Dacke. The dream image of Gästis he once saw is now well on its way to being realised. ”The old history of the house did not allow me to do anything but set the bar high for my future plans for the inn”, Dacke continues.

From time to time, older guests show up to visit the restaurant and tell about how they spent their wedding party here. These are memories that live on through Dacke. Maybe you too will be celebrating your wedding here?


We choose our raw materials with care and preferably use local raw materials from suppliers in Torsåker and the surrounding area.

For all ages

We think of both large and small in our menu selection. Therefore, you can feel confident that we have food for the whole family.

Historic environment

Feel the wings of history from the 19th century inn which is now modernly decorated but which served as a gathering point in Torsåker for almost 150 years.